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  • Four Post Pregnancy Related Women's Health Issues That Your Health Care Clinic Can Help You With

    11 August 2022

    The postpartum period is a time when women may experience new symptoms and challenges. Here are four post-pregnancy-related women's health issues that your local health care clinic can help you with. 1. Your Women's Health Clinic Can Help With Breast Pain And Engorgement After giving birth, your breasts may feel tender or swollen. This is due to the drastic fluctuation in hormones during pregnancy and delivery. You also may experience breast engorgement, where breast tissue becomes hard and congested with milk.

  • Perimenopause Explained

    24 January 2022

    Perimenopause is defined as the transition stage as you move toward menopause, which brings your reproductive years to a close. Perimenopause often begins in your forties, but it can begin earlier or later in a small proportion of women. Your oestrogen levels will fluctuate unpredictably during perimenopause and this is at the root of many of the symptoms women experience during this time. Perimenopause lasts until you have had no menstrual period for twelve months in a row, at which point you are considered to have entered menopause.