Improving Your Health and Wellbeing

Are you looking for a new doctor?

by Ernest Smith

How satisfied are you with your doctor? When you visit your doctor, do you find that they do everything that they can to make the experience as straightforward and non-traumatic as possible? Most people will only visit their doctor when they are feeling unwell or concerned about something, and finding the right doctor can make the difference between coming away feeling reassured and leaving the clinic in a worse state of agitation than when you entered the building. If your doctor isn't doing everything they can to make your time at the clinic stress-free, then perhaps it is time that you consider looking for an alternative doctor.

What do you need from your doctor?

When you enter the doctors' surgery, you will be primarily seeking the benefit of the doctor's medical knowledge. You will want them to listen as you explain whatever symptoms have been troubling you. You may want them to look at a worrying rash or to examine some part of your body and see if there is a serious problem that could warrant further investigation. These are basic issues that should be within the competence of any doctor. Beyond their medical expertise, you will want to speak to a doctor who acts with professionalism at all times and ensures that you are comfortable during your visit.

Do you have any special requirements?

While most doctors should be able to examine you and to treat you effectively, there can be times that something extra is needed and you must look a little further to find the doctor you need. Perhaps you have an ongoing health condition which is unusual and you would like to see a doctor who has particular experience treat that condition. If you have specific conditions that you look for in a doctor, then make sure that you take the time to find the right doctor before signing up with them. It is better to find the right doctor than to find yourself avoiding the doctor or seeking to change surgeries because you are uncomfortable with the treatment you are receiving.

Do they have the right treatment options?

While all doctors should try to help you, there are a variety of ways that they might try to do that. Drugs are not always the right solution for every medical problem. It can be helpful to look for a doctor who is happy to explore a range of treatment options with you, including therapy if it can be effective in your case.

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